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#1- LA CASITA DE MARISCO - $$ - Beachside – 75 meters to Right/North

Nice, quiet beachside place with seafood, pastas and steak dishes.

#2-ROBERTOS - $$$ - Beachside – 90 meters to Left/South

Great breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Great fine-dining experience.  Has a nice outside tree shaded dining area.


#3-EL VALERO - $$$- Beachside – 130 meters to Left/South

Another fine-dining restaurant on the beach.  130 meters to the left from our gates.  Serve Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They have BBQ dinner specials Wednesday and Saturday.


#4-PESCADO LOCO - $ - 150 meters to Left/South

Our local Tico restaurant.  Great lunch and dinners that are very affordable with healthy portions.  Nice and relaxed bar atmosphere everyone will enjoy.   If you are looking for the local experience this is a must.


#5-AQUASPORT - $$ - Beachside - 300 meters to Left/South

This restaurant in on the beach and provides a great place for kids and family.  Only place on the beach for pizza.


#6-COCO VIQUEZ - $ - 450 meters on Beach Entrance Road

This restaurant provides a cafeteria style menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There is also a menu you can order from.


#7-GINGER - $$$ - 700 meters on Principle Road

This restaurant is a favorite for ex-pats in the area.  Asian-inspired upscale dining on the hill. 



For deep tissue massages Thailin the best.  Very friendly with reasonable rates as you enjoy the sounds of the waves on the beach.  It is usually $40 for 60 minutes.



This little market will have all your basic grocery needs.  Located next to Coco Viquez.


There is a medical clinic located on the main road going through Playa Hermosa at the corner of the second beach entrance.  



Along the principle road through Playa Hermosa is our main grocery store.  They have fresh produce, fruits, meats and a generous liquor and wine aisle. 


BEACH CINEMA HERMOSA – Hermosa Heights Plaza

Our local movie theater that plays first-run movies.  Movies are in English or in Spanish with sub-titles. 



Also located in the Hermosa Heights Plaza on the main road is the only ATM in Playa Hermosa.  Accepts most every bank card but only dispenses Colones. 


There are many other places to go that are outside of Playa Hermosa.  

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